Like all the best things in life, for us, it’s all about passion.

Passion mixed with patience, knowledge and understanding the subtleties of the look and feel of the curd. And always using the best ingredients. So we only use the very best Cornish milk (sourced from within 30 miles of our dairy) – we know where it comes from and we know how to look after it. That ensures a really good curd, and, in turn, a really good cheese.





Our range of cheeses

Each of our Cornish soft cheeses is very different but equal when it comes to quality of ingredients and the passion and craft that has led to each one.

Curds & Croust range of soft cheeses



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Cornish Cheesemakers

Working with the curd

Everything is done without compromise under the perfectionist gaze, nose and palate of our master cheesemaker, Martin Gaylard, who’s been dedicated to crafting prestige soft cheeses since boyhood.




  • Thanks for making us part of your Saturday night @danielpbritten - The #Truffler is definitely a cheesy force to be reckoned with (in our opinion) - so glad he was enjoyed 😍👍💛 Repost from @danielpbritten - A strong line up for last night's cheese board, I still can't get enough of the @curds_croust Truffler, it was the first one to be finished off. @godminster is still my favourite cheddar and Blue Monday is a blue yet to be beaten 🤜🏻🧀🤛🏻😎🍷🤘 #cheese
  • Friday night bites! Repost from @cheesysmith thanks so much for sharing these amazing photos of our #russetsquire in action! It’s certainly making us hungry 💛🧡💛 - I had great fun playing around with ideas with the cheese samples @curds_croust sent me, the Russet Squire cheese was a particular favourite, this cheese is washed in #cornish #cider resulting in a ripe & pungent cheese with a whiff of farmyard. Perfect for eating as is with crackers, crisp slices of apple and a medium still cider, or perfect for melting...... link in bio to my latest blog post, a recipe for a rustic Galette this time 🧀
  • Happy Friday Cheese Lovers! We never get bored of hearing great stuff about our #truffler #trufflebrie 💛🧡💛Repost from @plentypies1 using @RepostRegramApp - JUST WOW!!! We are in love @curds_croust #thankyou  #brie #cheese #yummy #truffle #cornwall #cotswolds
  • There’s never a better excuse than to use #misswenna than on top of a burger! And look at this whopper! Thanks @therarewelshbitblog for sharing and putting our cheese to good use 😍 #curdsandcroust #misswenna #cheeseblogger #cheeseofinstagram #foodblogger
  • Cheese for dinner anyone? We can’t think of anything better! Thanks @she_eats_blog for making #misswenna a part of your weekend! 💛🧡💛 Repost from @she_eats_blog - Brie still my beating heart 🧀💛 Didn't want a meal after mamouth cakeathon today so I've just had Cornish brie and spelt crackers. She's a cracker for sure! 
#cheese #fromage #brie #madeincornwall #snack #foodpics #nomnom #foodporn #food #foodie #foodies100 #dairy
  • It’s the weekend!!! So which of our #fantasticfour can you be tempted with? We can’t pick a favourite... we 💛them ALL! Oh and we can’t wait to see what @lavenderandlovage does with these beauties 😍
Repost from @lavenderandlovage - Oh what fun I’m going to have with these bevy of beauties! Four fab Cornish cheeses have just arrived from @curds_croust all packed in a sustainable wool cool pack @wearewoolcool There’s Boy Laity Camembert, Miss Wenna Brie, The Russet Squire and a Truffler Brie.....stay tuned for further tasting notes and bespoke recipes using this fab quartet of Cornish cheeses! (Excuse the puns)
  • We’ve got that #fridayfeeling so what could be better than this Tartine made with our #russetsquire cider washed cheese and #apples #grapes and #honey! YUM 😍thanks @lavenderandlovage 👍Repost from @lavenderandlovage - Cornish Cider Washed Cheese Tartines with Honey, Apples and Grapes using @curds_croust Russet Squire cheese, served on one of my vintage tea plates for a delicious lunch today👍 #curdsandcroust #cornish #cornishcheese #cornishbrie #cheeseblogger #cheeseofinstagram
  • Here he is in all his rustic glory #russetsquire - ready to be transformed into something even more delicious by @lavenderandlovage 🧀💛🧡🧀 Repost from @lavenderandlovage using @RepostRegramApp - Look at at the beautiful Cornish cider washed rind on this Russet Squire @curds_croust Cornish cheese! I’m a big fan of alcohol washed cheeses, they add pungency, flavour and colour and taste wonderful. Stay tuned here and on my Instagram Stories to see what I made with this delectable cheese today.
  • My, my, my! This looks too good to pass up! Great to see our competition winners putting their cheeses to good use 💛 Repost from @gottobein using @RepostRegramApp - @curds_croust thanks for the amazing Cornish #curdsandcrust cheeses I won in your recent competition
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