Like all the best things in life, for us, it’s all about passion.

Passion mixed with patience, knowledge and understanding the subtleties of the look and feel of the curd. And always using the best ingredients. So we only use the very best Cornish milk (sourced from within 30 miles of our dairy) – we know where it comes from and we know how to look after it. That ensures a really good curd, and, in turn, a really good cheese.





Our range of cheeses

Each of our Cornish soft cheeses is very different but equal when it comes to quality of ingredients and the passion and craft that has led to each one.

Curds & Croust artisan Cornish cheeses



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Cornish Cheesemakers

Working with the curd

Everything is done without compromise under the perfectionist gaze, nose and palate of our master cheesemaker, Martin Gaylard, who’s been dedicated to crafting prestige soft cheeses since boyhood.




  • Well this looks a-ok by us 😍- Repost from @jen.koo - Lunch, a late one. 
Cornish Cider Washed  cheese @curds_croust , sourdough and homemade beetroot chutney. 
Simple lunch 😍. #latelunch #cheese #artisancheese #beetroot #homemadechutney #sourdough #breadandcheese #thefeedfeed #simplefood #honestfood
  • The three amigos 👍😃Repost from @crosswaysfruiterers using - The truffler, new cheese in our fridge! It’s a Cornish Truffle Brie, to add to the Cornish Brie and Cornish Camembert we already stock❤️
#brie #camembert #cheese #trufflebrie #shoplocal
  • This looks like a good Thursday night to ya 😍Repost from @cheeseoncoast - Boska cheese bakers now back in stock !! Treat yourself to lovely gooey melted cheese tonight 🧀
  • A line up we are happy to be proud of 😍

Repost from @thecornwallhampercompany - Deluxe Cornish Hampers filled with the very finest food & drink from Cornwall.  #cornishfood #cornwall #luxuryhampers #creamtea #jamfirst #cornishclottedcream
  • Crumpets and Camembert! Sounds good to us!! Repost from @kamilla_koncz using - Sourdough crumpet, Boy Laity Camembert by Curds and Croust, blackcurrant jam
  • Truffler, truffler everywhere 💕 Repost from @eatsurrey (@eatsurrey using @RepostRegramApp - Spotted this in @secrettsmilford cheese counter today! Cannot resist cheese with truffle it’s just the most perfect combination. Plus this is produced in Cornwall by a small dairy @curds_croust #trufflebrie #secrettscheesecounter
  • 💕 Repost from @thecheesehut using - ‪Come and try these #cheeses #Waterloo #truffler #sussexslipcote  #goodweald plenty more #cheese in stock #sussexcheese #britishcheese #continentalcheese #giftbaskets #supportlocal #buylocal #hove #hovelagoon‬
  • Proud to be part of this #cheeseboard 👍Repost from @selina_crookes - Cheese, port & 30th Birthday planning 🤩🤩🤩#Cornish #cheesetime #trufflebrie #camembert #wensleydale #friends
  • Ah Fridays!!!! -Thanks for this melted inspiration from @cornwallrecipebox 🧀💛 Repost from @cornwallrecipebox using @RepostRegramApp - We were fortunate to sample @curds_croust newest cheese last week, Russet Squire. We baked it and topped with toasted walnuts and a drizzle of Cornish honey and it was delicious - creamy with with a bit of a kick from the cider wash.  It also had the perfect ooze factor!  We’ll certainly be adding this to our cheese board package once it is available.  Thanks for the sample @curds_croust  #cornishcheese #russetsquire #bakedcheese #cookcornish
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