Like all the best things in life, for us, it’s all about passion.

Passion mixed with patience, knowledge and understanding the subtleties of the look and feel of the curd. And always using the best ingredients. So we only use the very best Cornish milk (sourced from within 30 miles of our dairy) – we know where it comes from and we know how to look after it. That ensures a really good curd, and, in turn, a really good cheese.





Our range of cheeses

Each of our Cornish soft cheeses is very different but equal when it comes to quality of ingredients and the passion and craft that has led to each one.

Curds & Croust range of soft cheeses



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Cornish Cheesemakers

Working with the curd

Everything is done without compromise under the perfectionist gaze, nose and palate of our master cheesemaker, Martin Gaylard, who’s been dedicated to crafting prestige soft cheeses since boyhood.




  • Just what we need after a hard day at the office 👍 #tuckintuesday Repost from @lavenderandlovage using @RepostRegramApp - Mixed Cheese and Charcuterie Tartines with Chive Flowers, I’ve discovered a big bed of chives in our new “old” garden and the flowers are just starting to come out. Here we have @curds_croust The Truffler, some Yorkshire blue, Serrano ham and peppered salami with aioli, lettuce and radishes. All assembled on slices of home made brown bread.
  • Who better to spend a warm summer evening with than #misswenna! 😍🧡💛Thanks for the post @crosswaysfruiterers Repost from @crosswaysfruiterers - New to the shelf today Schnitzer Gluten Free baguettini. Pack of two little baguettes 🥖, ready to bake in the oven for twenty minutes. I’ve teamed it up with onion marmalade, Brie or goats cheese as a serving suggestion❤️
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  • Hands up who could have one of these every day of the week?!! ✋ 😍!Bring That cheese truck to Cornwall! 💛😋💛 Repost from @ldncheeseproject using @RepostRegramApp - Have you met @thecheesetruck yet? If not, then you really should! Melting the best of British Cheese since 2014. Find them @ldncheeseproject with a couple of special one off dishes... 🧀🔥
  • That’s a fine dinner plan if ever we saw one @danruss22 . What better than @bakertomsbread and #thetruffler Repost from @danruss22 using @RepostRegramApp - That’s dinner sorted... #whatelsedoyouneed #curdsandcroust #bakertoms #cornish #cheese #simplefood #allmine 😂
  • 💛morning cheese alert! 🧡 Boy Laity truly is at his best, when he’s nice and mature and left at room temp for 2-3hrs before serving - oozing across any cheeseboard, what could be better!! Thanks for this little reminder @tomstobbs Repost from @tomstobbs - Perfectly ripe Boy Laity - a Camembert from Cornwall, rich, buttery and delicious! 🐄🧀 #cheese #deli #curdsandcroust #foodie #cheeselover #boylaity #greatbristishproduce #englishcheese #instacheese #artisan #instafood #finefood #wilton #wiltshire #swisbest #supportindies #shopsmall
  • The bank holiday maybe over, but the warm weather is finally here!!! ☀️☀️ Lets celebrate with a taste of summer thanks to @lavenderandlovage who has created this amazing  Red Pepper and Potato Frittata with Brie! #yum 💛😍💛Repost from @lavenderandlovage using @RepostRegramApp - Baked and just out of the oven....using some delicious Curds & Croust Miss Wenna Cornish Brie this lunch time, I made a Red Pepper and Potato Frittata with Brie, and served it with salad. I love the richness of this creamy cheese @curds_croust and it melts so beautifully when baked.
  • On a sunny #bankholidayweekend  where better to explore than the amazing kitchens of @lanhydrocknt where we are learning cheese was made the same way back in the early 1900’s as we do today at our Dairy in Redruth! Proving age old methods really do make the best soft cheese around 💛👍 who knew?!! #cheesemakers #cornishcheese #nationaltrust #curdsandcroust
  • Who’s up for a bank holiday treat? Or maybe four? Great news is, you can now get our #curdsandcroust cheeses straight to your door! Check out our website (link in bio) to find out how you can get your hands on your favourites! #cheesebypost #cheeseofinstagram #curdsandcroust #misswenna #russetsquire #truffler #boylaity 😍🧡💛
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